Job Center Visit

Looks like it will be an interesting visit to the job center today, this close to Brexit day, these delusional people seem to think that if they can just defeat me they can somehow still thwart Brexit. It is like a war zone outside already with a couple of hours to go with Bullies shouting at each other, slamming doors in the close and the extensive use of sthill saws. Looks like my right to self defence is going to get tested. Actually a court case trial to get all this stuff into the public domain may not be such a bad idea. Oh yes and there is Trump and his toy aeroplanes to worry about.

Well it may have been a walk (run actually) in the park for me criss crossing roads to avoid all the arseholes but that is only because I am extremely experienced at this, I know every filthy trick in their book and the limits of their ill gotten powers. A novice would most likely have sunk under the pressure, as I almost did over a decade ago now.

No sign of a drone but there most certainly was a light aircraft monitoring events overhead.

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