Ironic The NHS Should Benefit From My Efforts

Heard on the news today that the Health Secretary is getting (mostly financial) powers returned to him that were given away to the blackmailers by Cameron and Clegg in 2012.

The same NHS that tried to murder my unborn son on behalf of my so called Father in 1986, must have been one of Prince Charles’s earliest blackmail tasks. I had to use the threat of murder to save him. I now know for sure they gave her drugs so she couldn’t give birth naturally, (bearing in mind her previous birth was normal) and the doctor was just letting him suffocate. After hearing the midwifes distress and seeing the doctors indifference, I told him that if anything happened to my unborn child or his mother, you (the doctor) won’t get out of this hospital alive. He must have believed me as he ordered an immediate emergency cesarean.

A few years later they (The NHS) tried to murder me when I broke my ankle, right after getting a visit from Prince Charles’s sister at the NHS hospital.

For the last few months they (The NHS) have had a guy with a black gown and a scythe waiting at the emergency entrance in case I showed up complaining about breathing difficulties brought on by toxins deliberately added to my food and drink. Still you LIVE and learn, now I only drink pre boiled tap water or as I like to call it coffee.


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