Invisible Neighbour

on: November 25, 2020, 09:54:59 AM

So, this morning I had a knock at the door from a guy (with a mask) looking for the mystery neighbour from the flat below me. I have been here for two years now and I have not
seen or heard no one in the permanently curtained flat below which I consider to be a surveillance flat.

Bearing in mind that absolutely no one is allowed within a mile of me without prior knowledge (and instructions) by the UK security services, what was the guys real mission?

Day 15 since the non masked young girl turned up at my house and potentially gave me this so called virus, was he here to see if I have went downhill? I believe day 15 is when that would normally happen if you are not made of strong enough stuff! Well I can report that the (mild) symptoms that I did have are now dissipating and you can stick your vaccine (literally) up your arse as if that was the virus, I now have antibodies and my antibodies work! Re the near fatal flu I was given in my late 20’s, then immunity from all flu.

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