Iain Duncan Smith

Sir Iain Duncan Smith cough, cough, cough. Now he’s the guy who stopped my benefits without notice in February 2016, forcing me to survive in a forest (with maximum state intimidation) for more than 3 weeks with no money or food.

Today he has come out on the side of the Pro Israeli blackmailers by condemning the Chinese blackmailers over Huawei.

Of course, I have always known which side of the fence you are on Sir Iain, the only question that remains is why?

The Ironic and hypocritical thing is that if Smith had managed to defeat me on behalf of those people, Brexit would never have happened because their plan A was to stop Brexit so that their stooges like Farage could wreck it from within. The likes of Duncan Smith and Rees Mogg was their Plan B (hard Brexit) but only if they couldn’t defeat me and stop Brexit at the Referendum. The Pro Israeli blackmailers worst nightmare was for Britain to leave the EU on friendly terms with a deal and that is exactly what has happened, well they did pick an unprovoked fight with me, removed all my human rights and treated me like a piece of crap who had to defeated at any cost! So they are getting what they deserve as far as I am concerned. I do know one thing, these people are evil.

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