How Intriguing

on: November 21, 2020, 01:45:15 PM

I noticed that the civil servants who are tying to expose the not so pretty side of our home Sec’s personality are all also Sir’s.

Is this a proxy war breaking out between Prince William and/or the Quen against their so called Father/Son?

It goes without saying who’s side I am on but you know there is surely a better way of dealing with Charles rather than just removing all his stooges.

That is why we have ended up with the current clown show as loyal stooges get thin on the ground.

…and it don’t matter if they are a stooge and/or a clown they are still powerful ministers or prime ministers who are loyal to Prince Charles and guess who their anger and frustrations are aimed at? No not the Queen or William, they are too powerful for these cowards to confront. No it is me that is the one being bullied every single day this is prolonged!