About 6 months ago I ordered a VPS from this Dutch company. Don’t be fooled by the Country, there are plenty of blackmailer ‘friends’ in Holland. Anyway I ordered the hosting but it never got activated, they refused to answer my support ticket, then when I asked for a refund as my VPS was inactive they put a block on my account leaving me no option to claim a refund through paypal, this process took a long time because they were un-cooperative but in the end I got my money back.

After that they started sending me spam invoice emails saying my account is overdue but like six or seven every single day, so I reported them as spam so that I don’t have to see them as they go straight to the spam folder and I can empty my spam folder with a single click. After six months they are still sending me six or seven invoices every single day, it seems unbelievable but it is absolutely true!

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