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I have talked a lot about the corrupt prime ministers (past and present) who have been signing away my liberty since 2009. I am 99.9% convinced that a PM can not take such life changing decisions on their own, I believe they also need a signature from the incumbant home Secretary.

So lets start in 2009 when all this kicked off. In a previous thread, I surmised that I believe this was first initiated in mid June 2009 before I really cared who was what politician as at the time I didn’t really think it affected me, why would it? So I had to research who was the Home sec at that time and the results are interesting in that a Home secretary under brown Resigned on the 5th June 2009, her name was Jacqui Smith Did she resign because she wanted no part in my fit up, if so you really are a right honourable person as described.

So who took over, a guy called Alan Johnson (surely not) anyway for some reason he is described as ‘right honourable’ as well but I have nothing more to say about this gentleman just now for obvious legal reasons.

So the Tory years, I wasn’t sure who was Cameron’s home sec. Ok maybe I do. Wouldn’t do anything worse than run through a wheat field but will happily turn a blind eye to a child murderer Theresa May. Hmm.

Then when she was rewarded with a premiership who did she make Home Sec, yes Amber Rudd (the final person to turn up in person hoping to be assaulted). She was forced out in 2018 just before signing time and a little known politician called Savid Javid or something took over and presumably signed this off in June of that year. Did he throw his morals in the bin to get his hands on that job? Hopefully we will find out in court or at public inquiry. Now we have pretty pattel, I have been quiet about her because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and she hasn’t been there long enough for me to think she is complicit. (yet). I am on the record of saying she has a pretentious name and having now seen a picture of her during my research, I just can’t really argue with her analogy. However I still think it’s pretentious to force everyone to call you pretty, I know it’s spelled different but that’s how (I’ve heard it) pronounced and every time her name is mentioned an image of a beautiful woman springs to mind and if (like her predecessors) she is going to fit me up for that reason then so be it.

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