Helicopter Harrasment

So I have just had a military type helicopter hovering outside my window, unfortunately my phone was off and I never got a picture. Now there are New York style police sirens wailing almost continuously. I mean helicopters are not exactly cheap, it is not like hiring a cab, nah it wasn’t me that ordered the helicopter!

All this is good news to me, why? Because it tells me they are getting more and more desperate as the Brexit clock ticks down. At the end of the day these bastards picked a fight with me not the other way round and it’s been going on for over a decade now at this intensity and at a lower intensity for at least a decade before that in, fact since Prince Charles was first blackmailed in the mid 80’s. Am I getting some kind of perverse pleasure out of watching these dickheads getting more and more desperate? You bet your fucking life I am!

Ah it came back and this time I got a picture, not a very good picture but a picture never the less.


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