Hard Times

So you think you have it tough with your lockdown?

Not only have I been forced to do this for far longer than anyone else (years not months) but I am under 24/7 surveillance with arseholes waiting to harrass me if I dare go anywhere (even to put my bin out), always not just during lockdown. I also have toxic fumes pumped into my small flat that affect my breathing, most of my food is poisonous and if I dare go for a bath, I get fucking microwaved through the plastic partition between me and next door. No friends or family are allowed within a mile of me. So don’t tell me that your lockdown is tough! Anyone (or persons) who do this to an innocent civilian just because it is in their political interest just has to be evil…by definition! (that includes you Sturgeon)!!!

Why because Brexit will not happen if I fall!!!

Although it has to be said that each day I survive and each piece of legislation that thanks to me gets forced into law, the less chance the pro Israeli blackmailers have of stopping Brexit and the will of the BRITISH people!!!

It is too late to stop the rise of Germany now anyway whether Britain is forced (by her blackmailers) to stay in the Union to try and wreck it from within (fuck you Farage) or not!

Israel (to be) and Russia must take responsibility for what they did in 1945 and blackmailed Britain (and US) should hold their heads in shame for aiding and abetting them!!!

The only way I can see to avoid WW3 is for Britain, the US and Germany to let Israel know who is the fucking boss!!! Unfortunately that can’t happen until the blackmailed waste of space that is Prince Charles is gone!

There is a deal to be done IMO if Russia gives East Prussia back to it’s rightful owner, in return for a deal over Ukraine and Crimea and with it a warming of relations while Israel should get the same respect as anyone else but nothing more!!!

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