Hard Drive Blues

So the better late than never computer that arrived on Monday evening was supposed to have a 160G Seagate hard drive with windows 10 pre-installed. Instead it had a hard drive with all the labelling removed with no such operating system on it. So I fired it up with a live linux operating system on a USB stick and tried to install it (fuck windows) but it would not install saying there’s not available space on the drive! So I checked out the facts and figures and found out that the mystery hard drive only had 3.8 Gigs of useable space. (the RAM has more than that!) Anyway luckily I had a spare (500G) drive that I could use but what about the mystery one, were they hoping I would throw it in the bin with my fingerprints all over it, not knowing what was on the (unuseable) part? There is a saying that goes, a little paranoia is a good thing as it keeps you on your toes and the mystery drive is indeed now in the bin or at least it’s smashed up innards are!

I have decided not to leave feedback at all now because, you can’t blame them for the action of Charles’s criminal (no conscience) followers. I now have a computer that (early) signs say may not be controlled by my enemies. No point in going after a pawn when I am actually after the king (check mate.)

It is how it’s always been, ginger, poison ivy, miss two buckets, all just pawns being used by my enemies. All I had to do was figure out how to use them for my own selfish interests while the pursuit of my (real) enemies continued. I think I was well up to that job.

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