Gullible Or Skint?

For the first time in quite a while, they have one of my neighbours wandering around outside with her night gear on, like she has escaped from the assylum again. I could provide photographic evidence but I am not going to as that could easily be miss-construed.

It is really bad how these people use (mainly women) to do stuff like that. She must be either extremely gullible or extremely skint!

Just trying to imagine how much cash they would need to pay me to walk around out there in my Jim Jams?

It is not a private garden or anything like that, it is a communal area.

Of course there is next big potential renewal date (for the powers used against me) (and them) on Sat 5 Sep when in 2015 also a Saturday (that I remember well) they certainly did get renewed for reasons I explained this time last year. (look it up).

30th August 2020