Gone Shopping

The supermarket was absolutely mobbed this morning, for first thing Sunday, it was more like Friday evening pre-pandemic, I could see the point if there were an important Brexit related E.U. Summit this week or something like that. After negotiating my way round the aisles avoiding the crowds and the women who deliberately step back as I approach, I ended up at the checkouts. You are not allowed at the single self serve checkouts with a trolley and there are two conveyor belt self serve checkouts. One was occupied by someone with about a months worth of food and the other had one of these fat, greedy, I will do anything for my next cream cake people who only had three items so shouldn’t be there at all. She was just standing pressing buttons on the monitor screen like it was her mobile phone or something, like indefinitely. Clearly they were hoping for a confrontation, wishful thinking of course, it was never going to happen. never the less I was forced (bullied) into using one of the manned tills and risk having one (or more) of my items swapped for something toxic. If he did manage it, he should apply for a job as a magician however as I was watching like a hawk.

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