Germany’s Revenge

Has nobody considered that Germany may be doing to us what with N Ireland what we were forced to do do to Germany (by our blackmailers) over East and West Prussia!

This Country’s National Security absolutely demands that we not only shake of the foreign based blackmailers but also any blackmailed Royals immediately, before it is too late!

There is only one solution of course, get rid of the blackmailers, the blackmailed Royal and bury the hatchet with Germany, stay in the EU as a friendly member not a disruptive vassal of a foreign power with the likes of Farage causing trouble from within on behalf of the blackmailers.

If we leave without a deal their WILL be a military border in N Ireland and we WILL be facing hostile EU troops over the border. You mark my words.

Here is a map of German territory east and west Prussia before we on behalf of our blackmailers humiliated Germany by handing west prussia to Poland and isolating East Prussia from mainland Germany. It was a terrible and childish act of retribution.

Germany as we know tried and failed to take it’s territory back during the second WW. To make matters worse Russia occupied and still is occupying East Prussia renaming it Kaliningrad.

Seems we are paying a price now as Germany seeks to hand N Ireland back to the South and with a blackmailed Monarch to be there is fuck all we can do about it!

Pre WW1

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