Fuck You Corbyn

I have suspected that Corbyn was a baddie since he turned up on his bike in Perth, early 2016 hoping I would give him a slap so his protection officer could take me out. This result confirms it. Blair put him there to tie the non blackmailed Royals hands as he is unelectable.

He is not the only one who tried to take me out with their state protection officer, Cameron, and Blair’s arsehole Hilary Benn also tried in Perth as did P Charles in London and Rudd in Stranraer. I didn’t want to believe it back then as both he and Cameron were baddies who the fuck was the goodie I wondered. I would never have guessed it would turn out to be Boris Johnson?

Actually the ‘Goodie’ is Prince William it is just that he and I have had a tough time fighting his so called Father Charles, the blackmailers plus arseholes like Corbyn, Blair, Cameron and May.

Brexit is now unstoppable (despite the blackmailers best efforts) and Boris Johnson is owe me big time.

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