From Enniskillin To 9:11

So it seems that Eniskillin was criminally insane psychopath Tony Blair’s blueprint for 9:11. The so called real IRA was causing havoc in N Ireland despite the peace treaty. They were planting bombs in town center’s phoning the police with their coded message as ID and telling them where the bomb was,the police evacuate the area just before the bomb detonates causing massive economic and political damage but little or no casualties. Then psycho prime minister Tony Blair came up with a sick plan to deal with the terrorists. He deliberately directed the security forces to the wrong area, where they evacuated people but at the real location Blair just sat back with a cup of tea and waited for all the innocent people to get blown to bits. Yes it put an end to the terrorist activity but at what cost in innocent lives? An ordinary human being would not be able to sleep at night knowing that he or she was responsible for all those deaths. Not psycho Blair though! Job done as far as he was concerned. Fast forward to 9:11 and exactly the same thing happened. It has to be Blair’s idea. I do not believe they orchestrated 9:11 but I am willing to bet my life that they had intelligence from the best intelligence agencies in the world that 9:11 was going to happen, if they didn’t then why not?. They could have stopped it but they CHOSE not to, that is because Blair stepped in with his psycho blueprint based on Enniskillin that says just let it happen then take advantage of the consequences on behalf of the Pro Israeli blackmailers who wanted to invade Iraq and Afghanistan in a bid to encircle Iran. All those innocent (American) people that were in that tower. How do these psychopaths live with that knowledge? I mean how did a psycho like Blair get into power in the first pace? It is simple, the non blackmailed Royal’s were so pre-occupied with getting rid of blackmailed Prince Charles stooge Major (instead of getting rid of blackmailed Royal) that the door was left wide open for a psycho like Blair to wipe out current Labour leader (Smith) and seize power. Everything that is happening now with Blair, Charles, Brexit this pandemic, it’s all related. Blair (and the blackmailers) knows that if Charles is forced to abdicate, judgement day is just round the corner and that is why they are causing all this chaos and economic damage. They must be defeated and they must be defeated soon!

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