Free gas

Since February 2019, I have had unlimited free gas, my electricity is pay as you go but when they installed gas central heating, they also installed a normal meter. Sure, occasionally they send a bill addressed to someone called ‘the occupier’ that would make a skint persons eyes pop out, but they have never asked me for any money or threatened to cut the gas off (yet).

Now despite what my enemies think, I ain’t dumb. There ain’t no such thing as free gas, someone is going to have to pay for it and I have a funny feeling that person is going to be me. However unless I consider the bill to be a drop in my ocean, I certainly won’t be paying it, I can survive on electricity alone. (if I have to.) Re three winters in a tent…and I was shrewd enough to insist that the central heating fitters leave my electric panel heater exactly where it is for just such a scenario! (nothing wrong with my foresight!)

It also gives me hope that in order for the owners of the gas to get paid, this extended nightmare would need to be over and I would need to be properly compensated for the crimes that have been committed against me.

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