Four In A Bed

Another ‘Knobled’ TV program that I won’t ever be watching again (like that baldy creep in salvage hunt or I have a cunning plan your royal low life baldrick eg) The program really was getting close to it’s literal meaning. This is what to expect though when the likes of prince Charles and Tony fucking Blair are still running the show! Oh yes and I forgot about Jeremy I’ll punch the producer because I have Royal protection (for now) Clarkson. I wonder what he was getting up to at the BBC?

The list of people who have tried to humiliate me on TV shows is a long one. apart from the above we have Stephen fry and his fat mate Phil Jupitus, Alice Cooper. I bet you any money all these people have ‘stuff’ they would rather stayed secret. Oh yes and an upper class twat called Henry Cole, like I said the list is endless. I refuse to watch any of their shows. No wonder I struggle to find anything to watch. Of course my viewing habits are closely monitored that’s how they know which shows to ‘knobble’. Of course the BBC is worst of them all, if eg I watch news channel randomly, the weather will come on with a run of the mill presenter then guaranteed half an hour later the presenter has been swapped for an (almost) toppless model, and other stuff you probably just wouldn’t believe.

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