Five Percent

So almost immediately after I took an evidential photo of the helicopter that was deliberately harrasing me, the price of oil dropped by five percent (more lockdowns). Are the two incidents connected? The reason I ask is because prior to that (like hours earlier) there was a couple of inappropriately dressed young girls out my back followed by another one of those women in their nightgear. Could it be that these people are blatantly fitting me up behind my back, Come round and look at my phone if you like helicopters you corrupt bastards?

Whatever, if these people are harrasing me, I will take and use any evidence I can get. If they are going to fit me up by getting a helicopter mixed up with some prostitute that they paid to hang around out there, then so be it, tough luck. Nothing I can do about that.

When this all kicked off in 2009, my partner and I was getting harassed by a kid deliberately booting a ball against our wall, eventually we phoned the police, they came round said they had a word with the parents and it won’t happen again. Next day he was back doing the exact same thing, so I went to the window and showed the kid my phone and told him that if he doesn’t stop I will have no choice but to phone the police again. Clearly he had his instructions and kept on kicking the ball against our wall. So I phoned the police again, as soon as I did the kid fucked off and I waited for the police to show but they never did. Instead all sorts of weird things were happening, a young girl was walking up and down as if it was a cat walk and all sorts of other stuff. Then a corrupt police guy turned up and instead of investigating my complaint he accused me of taking a photo of that ball kicking kid. No I just showed him my phone to warn him I was going to phone the police if he didn’t stop. Here look at my phone I said to the policeman. No I believe you he said but I insisted. The prick found some pictures of things I sold on ebay and grassed me to the DSS. More importantly, from then on I was ‘fitted up’ eleven years now and clearly they are still ‘fitting me up’ for political, not criminal reasons.

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