Fishy Emails

Recently I talked about the difficulties of getting reliable hosting for this site and how I lost money with a US based server.

Well being the determined bastard that I am I never gave up trying and finally secured a server that they don’t like, how do i know?

When you commission a new server, they send login details via email and you change passwd when logged in. This morning my email provider ( went offline just when I was waiting for this email to arrive, when it did come back up the email for the server was empty meaning I couldn’t log in, naturally I concluded that eclipso must be cooperating with (whoever) is doing this but when I contacted them they indicated that they came under attack this morning (I will publish the full email) and they are not happy.

More than this I can not say at the moment as this is an ongoing situation.

Thank you for your message. We ourselves are very dissatisfied with the situation of the past few weeks, but this is due to the sharp increase in the number of visitors and users in recent weeks. For the reasons mentioned above, it happened that our systems were overloaded and temporarily unavailable.

We are currently working intensively on stabilising and making the system fail-safe and hope to have completed the work soon. A noticeable improvement has already been measurable for a few days.

About today’s disruption (Monday, 25.05.2020 from approx. 8:45 to 12:30):
Due to a hardware failure, our systems were partly unreachable. E-mails that arrived between 8:45 and 11:30 a.m. could not all be processed correctly. The e-mails may be displayed, but the content remains empty when opened.

We will try to deliver the missing contents later, but we cannot guarantee this. We therefore recommend that you have the e-mails in question sent to you again.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Many greetings,
Your eclipso Service Team

Ticket ID: E-202005251985
Abteilung: eclipso Service Team”

Well the update is not good such is the power of these people, because I didn’t get the log in due to the email issue, you have to re-install the operating system so it sends another passwd to the new email address. A process that takes 30-40 minutes, it has been running now for more 3 hours and my support tickets remain unanswered after 2 hours so it looks like I will be fighting two paypal disputes at the same time.

So the latest issue with this is hard to believe but absolutely true, they have ‘fixed’ centos (7 and 8) so that if you reboot the server you can no longer log in. You can’t run a website on a server that can never be rebooted, just like your pc you have to reboot after updates. They have removed Debian 9 and 10 (there is actually 11 release now) leaving old end of life debian 8 that is not safe to use. So what is left go on have a guess, yes old fav Ubuntu, they even have the latest 2020 edition. As far as I am concerned the server is not fit for purpose (deliberately so) and I will be filing a claim under buyers protection with paypal.

Here is the current load on this server

load average: 2.17, 1.94, 1.91

A normal load for a server with this amount of visitors is around 0.01 to 0.1 the max safe load for this (single core server) is 1.00 as you can see it is sustaining double that as it is being bombarded with bots (ddos) The other server (that I’ve paid for but can’t use) has 8 cores and sixteen threads and can withstand (safely) a load of 16.00.

Today’s readings

load average: 1.88, 3.39, 5.44

The first reading is now, the second is average for last 5 minutes and third average for last half hour.

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