Fishy Cummings And Goings

Seems rather Ironic that blackmailer’s friend Dominic Cummings should fall foul of his own curfew rules, probably assumed that he was exempt. You got to laugh!

Obviously he can’t be sacked until his (blackmail) victim has first been sacked (or abdicates) as if he did get sacked, the blackmailers have plenty more ‘friends’ to replace him with, be careful what you wish for or you may end up with Nigel Farage advising charles’s puppet.

The problem is that there are just so many people with different interests blackmailing the prick and it’s tearing this Country apart. I watched a program about Michael Barrymore recently and (with my experience) it is so obvious that he is being protected by someone as powerful as Prince Charles. People are getting away with grave crimes while others (like me) are suffering at the hands of this prick. Still he refuses to do the right thing.

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