I wonder if the blackmailers are going to use the fact that i was the only person in the shop today not wearing a mask to fit me up for another year of this torture? It is only a crime if you refuse to wear a mask, I never did any such thing as no one asked me to wear one. Anyway you don’t lose your liberty, get your food poisoned etc etc for not wearing a mask. It is just an excuse, they will always find one. I am sure there have been several lame excuses over the last decade or so. I am happy to carry on using my national security powers in any event as these people have not been defeated yet but they must be defeated. There are advantages as I am pretty much immune from laws that ‘normal’ people have to adhere to as these arseholes wouldn’t dare let me speak my mind in an open court as what is happening to me is for real and couldn’t be denied under oath! and I can say pretty much what I like about these arseholes on here without any recourse to the law. Is Charles really going to sue me with all those children’s blood on his hands, I think not somehow!

All I need to do is figure out how to let the world know what is happening to me and why and this nightmare will be over for sure.

Not an easy task when you have all the might of the NSA and GCHQ trying to stifle my free speech but that does not and never will stop me from trying.