Evil State Murders

…and they have a cheek to say thyat they have been historically mistreated???

For a while now I have been getting poisoned regularly after eaten food as regularly commented about on here, these poisonings have been getting worse leaving me with pain in the renal region (I have no access to medical advice or treatment). I have always been of the opinion that it is the actual food that was being poisoned but recently I was tipped off (inadvertently or not) by a guy on the radio who says he washes all his food packaging in hot soapy water and washes his hands between preperation and consumtion to avoid getting this virus. I thought wow OTT, but then I wondered if these evil bastards are putting stuff on my jars and other packaging so if I say make a peace in jam I touch the jar, then handle the bread??? Anyway it’s early days but there has been no further incidence since adopting the radio guys routine and my soreness is fading.

Looking like these dirty evil bastards are using the Corona Virus as an excuse to murder me and pass it off as this fucking virus???

You will probably understand I have good reason to hate these bastards and I laugh at what happened to them in the past and dream that they will get what they deserve in the future! (if I have anything to do with it)