Evil game

There is an evil game being played out today, forcing me to go back to the Job center again today (for the second time) at 3:30 when the schools come out (for maximum humiliation). Of course they are hoping I will refuse, giving them an excuse to stop my money in the run up to the January 31st Brexit deadline.

While obviously not going to reveal any tactics, suffice to say as usual I will do whatever I have to do to defeat these evil bastards.

They went to all the trouble of hacking my phone, forcing me to reset it, losing the saved login details for my Universal Credit account, then they changed my password so I couldn’t log in, the Americans (mail.com) blocked my email account so I couldn’t reset my passwd so I had to get job center civil servant to change my email address this morning (are you keeping up?) When I got back I tried to reset my passwd but they said I needed some security Pin number they gave me 18 months ago when, I signed up. Of course I no longer have it, so they conveniently gave me a link to reset the pin. Hmm that was the trap and I triggered it, soon as I clicked, it said I had to go and collect the new pin in person. Then they sent me a text saying that they had made an appointment for me today at 3:30. Evil or what?

As far as I can tell, because of my political situation, they can’t sanction my benefits (or they surely would have done by now) instead they try to intimidate me to, from and inside the job center hoping I will miss an appointment, something I have done in the past, while homeless. They immediately stop my money. In a house I can’t afford to have my money stopped as I have bills. So I will play their evil game of intimidation and humiliation.

Wow is this the power of the internet or the power of my persuasion, the civil servant from the job center just phoned me and gave me the 15 digit fort knox thing over the phone, you write down 1 to 16 then they give you a random number for each digit that you need to put into your account. She also cancelled the 3:30 appointment so now I don’t need to go back until Feb 7th which is after Brexit day. What a roller coaster!

It should be added that the JC never phoned out of the blue, I phoned them voicing my displeasure at having to attend twice, they said they’d get back. In between I made it plain on here that I intend to go if I have to and submitted it to an unnamed search engine, I know to be close to the blackmailers. (You’d think they’d have a dominant market position in return? Oh!) I also searched on the unnamed search engine for local taxi number despite already having it. I wanted to let them know I intended to mitigate their attempts at intimidation and humiliation by spending a tenner on a taxi there and back. In the end I never had to.

I am not the most powerful skint person in the world just because the non blackmailed royals chose me to fight the blackmailers, I am at least as fit and intelligent as the blackmailers plus, I fight like fuck, when the going gets tough etc, I never give in.

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