Evil Bastards

on: November 21, 2020, 11:32:43 AM

I think these fuckers have deliberately gave me the Corona virus, that young girl from the housing association that came round with the guy who serviced my boiler. He was wearing a mask but she was not. Ten days ago now she was standing at my door just asking silly questions and pretending to put the answers in her laptop and she was there for ages. For the last couple of nights I have had a slightly raised temperature and I guess what you can call my underlying health condition (untreated irritable bowel syndrome) caused by repeated deliberate poisonings by the British and Irish States has been slightly more uncomfortable than usual. Clearly I have no other health issues though because I am otherwise tickety boo and looking forward to defeating these evil blackmailers starting with yet another home secretary in my sights.

Lets not do too much self indulgence but I have survived numerous attempts on my life including really bad flu that I had to fight like fuck to survive when I was young, now I never ever get the flu.

This corona virus takes out about, I am no expert but you know 1% of people who get it. If that was reversed and only 1% who survived, I would be more than confident about my chances of survival. Again without bragging too much I doubt very much if more than 1% of the general population would have survived (physically and mentally) what I have been through in the last decade and in particular the last 5 years since Brexit was contemplated and it became clear that I was to be ‘used’ to faciltate it. So you can take your Corona virus and… Well if even Prince Charles can survive it…

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