Do not come onto my fucking forum that I own and pay for and make disparaging remarks about me. If you are someone who is sympathetic to my plight, you are welcome to comment but if you are sympathetic to my enemies, especially my so called father, sister or brother (whether related to me or not) do NOT come on my forum and make disparaging comments, I think you will find as administrator I am in control. This is no friendly rivalry thing, this is a fight (that I never started) to the death.

If you really do not agree with what I am saying then fuck off and stop being so nosy.

If you have something to say about me get your own fucking platform.

Anyway I see it as a sign of weakness that my enemies are breaking their cover. Not my fault if you (whoever) chose the losing side.

I will not be bullied into not recording everything that is happening to me on here. If what I were saying were not true don’t you think your powerful (blackmail) friends would have me locked up by now? They can not deny it, simply because it is true and the British security services know everything including what you are guilty of. Do you really think your blackmail powers will last for ever? I don’t, it’s what keeps me motivated and be careful the tables may one day turn and like there are just so many metaphors about cold dishes and shoes on the wrong foot etc etc.

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