Elusive Start End Renew Date

On Saturday Herr Sturgeon (with her uniform still on) is locking Scotland down even tighter than it already is. On the same date France is imposing a Curfew. The following day Sunday Nalvalny for reasons the Logical part of my brain just can’t fathom is heading back to Putin’s Russia?

In 2016 about a week after the above date, they stopped my carers allowance without notice (despite being forcibly made homeless in Sep the previous year) and forced me to go three weeks with no money before qualifying for benefits.

In 2017 around the same time a guy (ex SAS) started harassing and chasing me down the road armed with a large dog as I was going to the shops for essentials. Soon after I disarmed his dog by arming myself with a large walking stick to take the dog out if he were silly enough to chase me again (he didn’t) but he soon started provoking me into starting a fight (without the dog). I made it clear that I would not but that I will defend myself if attacked. He clearly had no orders to attack me as they needed to get me to commit a crime, not him, so once I realised that I just started taking the piss out of him. (something I am good at) Anyway it went on pretty much until May called her (fixed against her) election in April.

In 2018 (around the same time) they sent some dogooders round to my forest to pretend they were going to help me out, while their true mission turned out to be much more sinister. A classic case of corrupt authorities persuading essentially good people to do bad things onto a stranger.

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