Ed Milliband Supports Long Baily Sacking

Ed Milliband like his Tory counterpart Michael Howard made it to respective party leadership position, not through merit but through blackmail fueled cohersion supports the sacking of Rebecca Long Baily! Oh what a fucking surprise. I bet he supports my continued persecution and the continuous poisoning of my food and drinks as well.

Just like Jack Straw, Michael Howard Leon Brittan, David Milliband, Ed Milliband, Harriet Harrman, Margaret Beckett, Edwina Curry, Malcolm Rifkind, Michael Gove, Dominic Rabb all made it to very senior positions in the British government in my lifetime despite all hailing from a small (Pro Israeli) minority and they achieved all this without the aid of a blackmailed senior Royal??? Aye Right!!! The much larger in this Country (Muslim) minority have had one senior politician that I know about and he only got the job because they have run out of people willing to turn a blind eye to Prince Charles’s ahem misdemeanors.

Oh and lets not forget about John Bercow!!!

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