Drop Off Provocations

on: October 09, 2020, 08:17:02 PM

With this alleged pandemic crap, you have to order every thing online and at first everything was ok, the delivery driver would leave the parcel at my door before knocking the door and waiting half way down the stairs to acknowledge that I had received it.

Now I get an undercover cover policeman (or worse), always wearing shorts who knocks my door and stands about 12 inches from the door without a mask with my parcel in one hand and an electronic gadget in the other and without saying anything just stands and presses buttons on his gadget like indefinately leaving me standing staring at this idiot with shorts.

Clearly it is a provocation, they are hoping I will get into an arguement with him but I am smarter than that, I just partially close the door so that I don’t have to see the idiots or his shorts and so I don’t have to breath in his covid crap., then just wait for him to pass the parcel through the remaining gap. (which don’t take long)

It is however totally out of order that I am being singled out for this kind of treatment by these criminals.

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