Downs Syndrome

When I was in Ireland September 2015 I got poisoned and nearly died, that is well documented but another incident is worth mentioning. I was in a train heading south and it was busy when a woman with a downs syndrome son sat opposite, then he crossed his legs and started kicking me with the loose leg when going over bumps, which was annoying but you have to make allowances for disabled people. After a couple of stops people departed so I moved to an empty seat opposite. Then the downs guy says to his mum ‘why did the pervert move?’. I just looked at the mother and her face went red. Now this was my first visit to Ireland and nobody knows me there, certainly not them so someone must have briefed them. Anyway I am a believer of treating people the way they treat me. If someone smiles I smile back but if if someone attacks me for no good reason (which is the norm) I like to give as good as I get and I quickly replied ‘It’s not me that’s been shagging my relatives to produce something like that’

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