Double Standards

How come it’s not ok for Russia to poison their own citizen (Nalvandy) for political reasons but it seems as though it is ok for the UK (and Ireland) to poison me for the exact same reason, often in a life threatening manner?????

…and how come he gets publicity (in the west) and I do not???

According to the criminals that are (currently) in charge here in the so called west, what’s happening to Nalvandy is a damned disgrace but what’s been happening to me is a state secret! Which in itself is a damned disgrace and only goes to prove that these people are shit scared of me. (as they should be).

The real point is that Russia and the (pro Israeli) blackmailers here in the west (and that includes Trump and by proxy of his blackmailed puppet master Charles, Boris too) are both on the same side, Russia had there chance to assist me the day after I got poisoned in Ireland but they refused. So Navaldy is merely a pawn while the real high value target is yours truly! As I hold the Brexit key not Navaldy.