Doritos Stax

I have mentioned here in the past that I have been poisoned by Pringles crisps as well as Walkers and Morrisons own. This time I bought a box of Doritos Stax as it was a first, I was not expecting to get poisoned. same style as pringles, tall box only triangular rather than round. With pringles, they taste as normal, so you have ate half the box before you realise you have been poisoned. With these I put one crisp in my mouth and it just tasted like poison. I immediately spat it out but the damage was done. Worse than the half a box of Pringles. severe reflux type burning, drooling from the mouth, the works. I should add that I have now fully recovered. However I must conclude that this was a full blooded attempt on my life. If they didn’t taste so bad and I had ate more, who knows. This is a terrible lawless Country where the so called Authorities are just committing big old crimes with impunity and it must stop.

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