Doesn’t quite add up

There is something that doesn’t quite add up about this virus thing. Why would the blackmailers shoot themselves in the foot by trashing the economy and what about their friend and ally trumpity trump? This is not doing his chances of re-election any good and why would they make things easier for me to survive by not having to sign on or worry about people with bad intent knocking on my door. Other people may be struggling but I am fully adapted to surviving under these circumstances, I already know how to cut my own hair and I don’t have any teeth to worry about, why would (my enemies) make things easier for me?

Do you know what it reminds me off? The BSE pandemic in the 90’s that was used to get rid of Charles’s original stooge John Major. That kind of backfired as Tony Fucking Blair knew if he could only somehow get rid of John Smith, (unopposed) power would be his and re-election would also be assured as the blackmailers were in charge of the Tory party thanks to blackmailed waste of space Charles (still are) putting up non electable people like William Hague, Michael Howard (blackmailer ally) and cough cough Iain Duncan Smith (right wing stooge).

Now we have got rid of the Loony Leftie Corbyn and replaced him with what I presume to be a credible alternative to latest stooge Johnson and his band of blackmailers are we now in the process of bringing down the Johnson regime?

Bring it on!