Do We Really Want This Man To Be Next PM?

United nation Sec General has already declared that deliberately withholding food and water from an innocent civilian population (AKA Stalingrad) is a potential war crime as is indiscriminate bombing of civilian houses. What Hamas did (to civilians) was abhorrent and a potential war crime but two wrongs do NOT make a right and Israel should stop the bombing and the blockade NOW! Keir Starmer, hang your head in shame!

Remember these people have form! Jewish President Harry Truman (or something) dropped a nuclear device on a civilian populated city, not once but twice, the only person in the history of humanity to do such an abhorrent thing!

.and that ventriloquist dummy act between Blinken (who is Jewish) and Biden last night was equally shameful, not a single mention about the plight of Palestinian civilian suffering. Go back to your care home old man and hang your head in shame!

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