Divide And Conquer

Am I a holocaust denier? No I most certainly am not and neither do I condone the persecution of any (innocent) people, that would be rather hypocritical of me.

So why did it happen? Are Germans really an evil race that just go around wiping out entire races for no apparent reason? Of course not.

As far as I am concerned the Jews were blackmailing the UK’s filthy Monarch in the early 20th Century and they deliberately started a war (WW1) between the UK and Germany (both Christian Country’s) in which millions of people from both Countries were needlessly slaughtered in a deliberate (and successful) attempt to divide and conquer those two counties with the ultimate goal of creating there own Zionist Country in the middle East.

The Holocaust that later followed IMO was Germany’s Revenge for that needless slaughter.

…guess what, it is happen again, they are blackmailing Prince Charles and at least one, if not two ex US Presidents.

You see they have to be stopped, for everyone’s sake. (including their own) before history repeats itself.

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