Desperate times.

The trip to the shop this morning was ‘interesting’. So called staff and customers were trying to block me into every aisle. It ended up like something from Benny Hill with these idiots chasing me round the shop, but at the end of the day, i got what I needed to get. They will always move out of your way if not by a polite excuse me then by a fucking move! The shopping trolley at arms length is a handy thing for keeping the arseholes at a safe corona virus distance and for reminding them that they really do need to move out of my way. Oh yes and they had unwashed children with sleep in their eyes guarding the exits and the cash machine that I normally use (at 7:15AM) These cowards tend to use women and children (and the disabled) to do their dirty work as it is difficult to defend yourself against those groups.

There should be a law against it! Oh there already is, problem is the royals are completely above the law and that has to change!

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