Desperate Games

When I arrived for my pre-arranged appointment at the job center after acquiring a USB stick to cure my disabled DVD drive issue, they had locked the doors (of the JC) so I couldn’t get in and a bunch of annoying spooks were hanging around. Were they hoping I would leave giving them an excuse to stop my money? Anyway I hung around and the doors opened, inside I was invited to sit with these people, I refused, opting to just stand, then people kept coming towards me in a threatening manner under the cctv (hoping I would start a fight) but instead I just stood my ground while making it clear that I will defend myself if attacked. On the way out a guy in a high viz was hanging around the exit door as if guarding it but I found a way out.

The civil servant, who doesn’t even ask about work search now as I just mock them if they do tried to arrange my next appointment for March 13th (is that a significant date?) anyway I strongly protested about it only being two weeks and got an appointment for 25 March instead so not all bad!

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