Deal Or No Deal

A friendly trade deal with the EU looks increasingly unlikely so says Barnier. Oh what a fucking surprise with the Pro Israeli blackmailers abandoning plan A and opting for plan B and positioning their hardliners like Gove, Rabb and whoever that ERG guy on the security committee is? All the waffle about a cliff edge that the plan A supporters like sturgeon and grieve wanted is out the window as is the sensible plan that is in Britain’s best interests of doing an amicable deal with the EU so that we can be independent but still good friends with the EU no the blackmailers are positioning themselves to do what is in Israel (and Russia’s) best interest and that is to leave with no deal and use Britain as a weapon to fight the EU just like they did twice in the 20th Century. I tell you they need to be stopped. We need to get these cancerous blackmailers out of our system of government and the only way to do that is to ditch the blackmailed waste of space that is Prince Charles. It should have happened a long time ago but time is running out for Great Britain and we must choose between Great Britain and Great Israel and we MUST do it soon!

Remember the SNP (and Labour) voted that ERG hardliner into office, at the very best they are fucking hypocrites and turncoats. You either have beliefs or you don’t!

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