De Jas Voux

Still can’t help thinking that this whole virus thing has been concocted so that should the inhumane powers being used to contain me on behalf of my blackmailer Father (and brother) be lifted then (like the rest of humanity), I will still be as contained and as isolated as I am Now.

If my enemies had any brains they would be able to work out that I have been sailing this boat on my own for years with all the powers that be waged against me, yet I still managed to keep afloat. Don’t they think that if someone like me was trying to survive in the same boat as everyone else then the chances of me fairing better than the others are fairly high, I mean loneliness and isolation are a walk in the park to me (if you forgive the pun) but how will the others cope in the longer term? How will the economy fair in the long run? What about Nellie the Elephant’s poll ratings? Have you thought about that? My patience is infinite and I have a memory like an elephant. Prince Charles and his corrupt series of regimes won’t last for ever and I will never forgive or forget about the people who have done this to me!

While I am on the ‘saying’ theme, try this one for size. “What goes around comes around”

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