Crossing The Line

I am well used to being under siege by the Corrupt and blackmailed British Establishment, it has been going on for years now but this evening I came under (unprovoked) attack by the Scottish (British) state while minding my own business in the supposed privacy of my home, that is really out of order. I am really angry and upset right now, they were hoping I would respond to the provocation so I would end up fighting five undercover policemen on my own. I am not dumb, I will defend myself only if attacked. This is what you call crossing the line!

If this has anything to do with the Brexit bill going back to the H.O.L. tonight, then it is just so unbelievably ridiculous that I should be being put through this for those reasons!

I tell you one thing this Country and some extremely wealthy individuals are going to be bankrupt when I am finished with litigation! The provocateurs (posing as semi drunk junki’s) have just left in their brand new police issue cars.

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