When I visit the supermarket, I am more concerned about avoiding the deliberately poisoned food than catching a virus that may or may not exist and to tell you the truth I couldn’t give two fucks if the people who deliberately poison my food catch a virus from me (or not) so I won’t be wearing a mask unless asked to do so!

As for the ordinary shop workers being cohersed by the so called Authorities to put pre-poisoned food on the shelves or risk losing their jobs. I say you always have a choice, they could refuse or like the brave woman in Coupar Angus coop tip me off about what is poisoned. (I new her brother from school) All she did was deliberately passed the milk through the till without a scan then said I will need to scan that milk again, that stuck in my mind and when I got home had a small taste of the milk which gave me a sore stomach and so (thanks to her) started the taste test for most foods Unfortunately complacency still occasionally catches me out. Before that I never had a clue what was causing the sore stomachs, the thought that anyone would deliberately poison my food never even crossed my mind. Now I can’t have milk (or cheese) not even in my coffee as the (sore stomach) poison that they use is mild in other foods but really bad in dairy products, not an expert but I am guessing it has something to do with bacteria in milk. At the food bank, instead of putting the poison in the milk (that they know I will taste test) they were putting it in the wheetabix in the hope I would add the (tested) milk. How do I know, I poured the milk away deciding it was too dangerous as they had supplied it via foodbank I started eating dry wheetabix as I had went a long time with not much food and I got a (mildly) sore stomach. They later got me (at the foodbank) with a bar of chocolate and I spent a whole night (on my own) in a tent on a side of a hill in pure agony but hey these people are evil! It was luxury chocolate that you don’t normally get from a foodbank so I should have guessed but hey that’s the complacency I already mentioned. You try going without proper food for weeks then throw a luxury bar of chocolate away? If you think that’s bad Police Scotland brought a food hamper (and a christmas card) to my forest at a time they knew I was not there as a xmas gift but the first thing I had (a sachet of coffee complete with powdered milk) made me violently ill (not the sore stomach poison, this time the drooling at he mouth and being sick poison) forcing me to throw the lot in the bin (apart from the hat and gloves). If you just blindly follow instructions from so called authorities that you feel are wrong before long you will find yourself rounding up people and sending them to concentration camps. You have to make a stand against these people, it is a simple question of right vs wrong. There are no circumstances where it could be right to swap someones food for something that’s different from what everyone else gets!