Corona Virus Symptoms

So last week I had an annoying tickly cough, you know grabs the back of your throat when you breath in and dares you to cough. I also had a slight fever sort of did I turn the heating up or something? This despite being the most long term isolated person in Britain (or the world even).

Didn’t want to say anything until I knew I was out of the woods as I have no access to doctors, tests or hospitals and the only ventilator is if I open the kitchen window (and put up with the barking dogs and sthill saws that start after about 30 secs,). I either live or die. Of course I am not qualified to say what it was but if it was that virus, it seems hard to comprehend that anyone could die from that, I have had worse colds but not for a while. I guess the statistics speak for themselves. I am of course comparing it to the near death poisonings that I have been subjected to where you have to will yourself to keep breathing while dealing with unimaginable pain.

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