Corbyn’s Motivation

So why was Corbyn lying in wait for me down a Perth city side street early in 2016 before approaching me from behind on his bike hoping I would take a swipe at him and give his protection officer an excuse to take me out? Similar to what Hilary Benn and David Cameron tried, Prince Charles and then home secretary Amber Rudd were on foot when they tried the same trick. If at first (Charles) you don’t succeed indeed.

Was it the case that if Corbyn (or someone) did not take me out he knew that the non blackmailed Royals would eventually use my powers to exact a humiliating defeat upon him? (..and they did)

It kind of makes him a hypocrite really, standing up for the underdog and all that bullshit, when in reality he (like the others) was quite happy to sacrifice me to get his hands on the levers of power. Shame on him.

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