It has not gone un-noticed by me that attack on my laptop and one of my servers has happened on the eve of the day that they think I am going to the shop to get ‘forced’ to wear a face covering.

Waste of time, like I said if I have to wear a silly mask in order to get the stuff I need to survive then so be it, I have one ready and waiting to use at a time of MY choosing.

They completely brought my laptop down so that I couldn’t access it at all, forcing me to re-install the operating system from scratch with the loss of all the data on my hard drive including my server backups. Then they attacked one of my servers knowing full well I had no backups to restore it, luckily the damage to the server (unlike my laptop) was only partial and the only stuff I lost was the (replaceable) SSL certificates.

My (new) host takes daily backups anyway and for a small fee I could have retrieved a backup from him anyway so fuck you!

The good news is that I learned a lot about the method they used to attack my laptop, obviously I am not going to talk further about that!

Just like the more people my so called father and brother paid to attack me, the better I became at defending myself. The more these people attack my computer and server, the better I become at mitigating the effects. Anyway these state criminals should really be in prison!

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