So for the last few days there has been a marked increase in activity including someone switching my broadband on and off, another letter urging me to phone the housing association because (thanks to me) they can’t phone me (paypal refused to let me use their service unless I put my sim card in to receive a text message for fucks sake, I took it straight out again before anyone phoned). They even had the facebook guy on the news at lunchtime in a vain attempt to wind me up. (he is just an off switch) Other weird stuff that I’m not even going to talk about, then at 5 o’clock the news guy says that puppet Johnson has been forced to climb down by his huge majority over workers rights or something (a Labour issue). Now everything has went quiet and I am left thinking elections, yes, Referendums yes N Security yes but what the fuck has workers rights got to do with me? I have no rights!

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