China Or Israel

Israel and China are both blackmailing Prince Charles, Israel got one of their own (leon Brittan) into post of British Home Sec in mid 80’s and China forced down a US spy plane not long after and accessed there (and our) filthy secrets.

Now they are blackmail rivals China got HK back and a booming economy, Israel pretty much runs the UK and US (hopefully thanks to me not for much longer) Today on Holocaust memorial day Israel is condemning China over human rights abuse of ethnic muslims in that Country while they continue to occupy Palistinian land and treat the Palestinians as vermin. Who are the worst? What about my human rights at the hands of Prince Charles and his Pro Israeli blackmailers?

Also I can’t help thinking that these new British aircraft carriers are going to be involved (with the US) in payback on China post Charles. Of course I have no sympathy for blackmailers China either. The only bit that interests me is ‘post Charles’

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