Childish Behaviour

The infantile behaviour continues every time I dare to open my window.

When you think about it, Prince Charles is like a big spoiled brat, used to getting his own way (until he started messing with me) but he has done fuck all to earn any of the privileges he has, he was just given them at birth. Going about giving himself titles and meddles that he most certainly never earned. Mummy I want another meddle for my jacket, if you don’t give me some I will start crying and if you don’t give me some of that rope for my jacket, I will force out Thatcher and install John Major. Oh shit he did that anyway.

You don’t get no meddles for abusing children, then getting someone to ‘dispose’ of them so they can’t accuse you as adults! Re Roger Black’s missing children!

As for the other one in that photo, Anne she’s quite good to herself too what are they for? horse jumping or something now she came to gawk at me before they tried to murder me in Perth Royal Infirmary in the early 90’s. (that story is available elsewhere) first I knew was when a sniffer dog came in my cubicle, I thought it was after my dope but no, checking for explosives before she showed up. She never spoke to me just stared at what she thought was a condemned man from behind the glass. There was an official reason for her visit but with hindsight…anyway, I managed to cheat death then as well but only just.

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