Channel 5 Lord Mountbatten: Hero or Villain

on: November 18, 2020, 10:15:46 PM

Iain Brady (and Hindly) trafficked children for him to abuse. Then got ‘blamed’ for the childrens disappearances.

…answers on a postcard!

If you are prime minister or home sec (or a filthy blackmailer) then like his relative Charles who did ditto with Roger Black, he (they) are apparently heros. To the rest of humanity he (they) are sick bastards who deserve anything they are going to get!

Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t defending Braidy, Hindley or Black but they should have been tried for the heinous crime of trafficking innocent children, nothing else.

While these fucking Royals get to live the life of riley on the peasant’s whose children they ‘dissapeared’ tax payments. Then when inevitably get blackmailed instead of doing the right thing and abdicating, he (Charles) gives all this Countries assets to his blackmailers, breaks up the UK by agreeing to devolution in Scotland Wales and Ireland under the threat of blackmail, then does all this to me under the threat of blackmail. Then his non blackmailed relatives decide to use me to stop the SNP, enact Brexit while at the same time protecting their own (Charles) with these national security powers putting my life in further danger by causing the blackmailers to think that if only they can defeat me, they can keep their blackmail asset and stop Brexit (for the wrong pro Israeli reasons). It has to stop!

No one can defend what Charles has done, not even his own mother. Come on your majesty tell him that if he don’t do the right thing, you will!