Can’t win every skirmish

I have commented often about the problems I have with hosting to keep this site online given the combined economic leverage that the UK and US wield. I paid for hosting that I thought was in eastern Europe but it turned out to be in the US. Soon all the usual blocked from entering my own site type stuff started happening, so experience tells me there ain’t no point in arguing with these sorts of hosts as they are doing as they are told by the so called authorities. So I cut my losses and cancelled ok it’s money I can’t afford but the bigger picture is more important than short term financial loss. As soon as I cancelled, they started booting there own door in again across the landing then sent a neighbour out the back in her nightie. Clearly they were hoping I would be so angry that I would be un-rational and open my window to give her a bollocking. Of course I did the only rational option and closed my curtain until she went away (in shame).

Like I said this is a war and losing the odd skirmish is to be expected and nothing to get angry about, just keep your eyes on the bigger picture of winning the war!

For anyone interested in what they were trying to do, I use

Centos or debian on my server because those operating systems are open source, they try to block me using those leaving Ubuntu as the only option that (as I talked about earlier) is owned by British company canonical.

Anyway nothing would work on Centos, like no internet access so the server could not download updates or software, after investigation I discovered that someone (I wonder who) had removed the DNS resolvers from a config file, I replaced them and everything was fine, control panel working fine but next morning, I couldn’t access the control panel as someone (I wonder who) was blocking it’s port at the server end, leaving me options but to try Ubuntu or cancel!

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