Cameron His Dick And The Pig

No I am not talking about his marital situation, in September 2015 I fled to the Republic of Ireland after being forcibly separated from my partner, dispossessed and made homeless by the British state after it became clear that I was to be used to facilitate Brexit. Things were so bad that I decided to flee to Ireland, unknown to me though, it was not (still isn’t) in Ireland’s best interests that the UK leave the EU and because of that my life was in grave danger as the British security services could not protect me in Ireland. Anyway I spent two nights in Dublin at a B&B. The first night there was a news story about Cameron sticking his dick in a dead pigs mouth at one of his posh dos. I like thousands if not millions of others was mocking him on Twitter. The second day after being refused assylum by the Irish Authorities I bought some heated food from a delicatessen. The food was poisoned, not just a dodgy stomach but real life threatening stuff starting with unbearable stomach pain that spread to my chest making it almost impossible to breath. It just seemed to go on for ever and I never knew if I would live or die. I could not then (as now) phone an ambulance as when Prime Ministers and whatever the Irish guy sounds like Tshirt or something are trying to kill you without being too obvious (using a gun eg) a hospital is a bad place to be, if I had phoned an ambulance, I know I would not be here and Brexit would not have happened. I remember it was Tory Billionaire Lord Ashworth that broke the pig story, were they hoping I would mock Cameron so he would sign my death warrant? I have a right to know, especially as he (Cameron while still PM) turned up outside my forest near Perth a few months later clearly hoping I would attack him so his (nowhere to be seen ) protection officer could lawfully kill me. The same trick that Prince Charles himself played in late October 2015 outside Hampton Court Palace on the Thames walkway. The place was cordoned off and he (Charles) again appeared to be on his own. There needs to be a public inquiry and these people, including but not limited to Cameron and Prince fucking Charles need to pay for their crimes. No one is above the law!

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