Broken Cover

So yesterday the cowards in my family broke their cover and tried to attack me directly instead of their normal getting their powerful blackmail victims to do their dirty work for them but they failed spectacularly. Why? Because blackmail aside, in a straight fight they are no match for me, trying to attack me on my own forum where (for a change) I hold all the cards, tut, tut. They are Not even in the same league as me and I have a feeling they will come to realise this in the coming weeks, months and/or years!

How do I know that it was a coward from my own family who tried (but failed) to attack me on my own turf? Well here is a screen shot of part of the email address that the person used to sign up.

Using gmail, while they are involved in the blackmail of extremely powerful state actors.

Go ahead, make it easy for the security services (MI5) to keep tack of your activities. Fools.

Of course, I don’t have to worry about MI5 they are only after the facts. As I am innocent, I have nothing to fear there. It is special branch that are giving me a hard time, their shameful job is to secure political stability, even if it means placating the blackmailers and persecuting innocent people like me. How is your political stability goal going not so special branch?

…and if you are so naive to think why would MI5 be interested in me? Just take a look around at the carnage. We have (at least one) senior Royal being blackmailed (and not just by you idiots) we have unelected blackmail gangs running Westminster and Holyrood. This is the biggest political and now economic crisis to ever hit this Country. In peace time anyway!

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